MAGNETIC BASE DRILLING SYSTEMS

                          The market-leading Holemaker range of Magnetic Drilling Machines is made in Europe, so when you buy Holemaker Magnetic base drills, be assured you are buying a premium quality product. The Holemaker team are pioneers in the industry, with over 30 years’ experience.

                          ITM are Australia's number 1 supplier of Magnetic base drills (also known as a mag drill). Magnetic Base Drills are a portable power tool featuring an electromagnetic base that can be secured to a piece of steel. This ensures to keep the drill secure and precise while drilling through the steel. Magnetic base drill are perfectly suited for use in a workshop or on the job site.

                          HOLEMAKER MAGNETIC BASE DRILLS
                          Holemaker magnetic base drilling machines are stocked and distributed Australia wide through our network of distributors in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and most regional cities and towns across the country. These machines are also stocked or can be shipped throughout Asia and the South Pacific including New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea and Thailand.

                          With over 20 different models available to choose from, you will find a Holemaker Machine designed to suit every application. With 30 years of development experience and high-quality European manufacturing, Holemaker is the best choice you can make for magnetic base drills in Australia.

                          The Holemaker range includes magnetic drills that are:
                          – Lightweight and compact
                          – Low profile
                          – Multipurpose
                          – Pneumatic powered
                          – #2 #3 and #4 morse taper